Relaxing Floating in Floating Pod

We have 2 floating pods and there are biggest ones in the market. Them are most common used Floating Pods, manufactyred by DreamPod.  Them are very safe to use.  Total floating time is 90 minutes, 60 minutes inside the floating pod.

You need to use shower before entering the floating pod. The lid is operated manually by yourself. The lid is easy open and you can not get stuck in. Swimsuit is not required, the session in floating pod is in the private area.

After float you can relax in our lounge area and enjoy coffee/tea/cacao. These drinks are included in the price. You also get towels, ear plugs and washing agents from us.

General information about Floating:

Inside the floating pod has water and about 500 kilograms Epsom-salt. This makes floating possible and the water is also very antibacterial. Epson salt water is generally good for your skin. Water is processed and filtered after every floating and the floating are is cleaned after every floating session. Cleaning process makes some noise after you end your floating session.

Good to know:  If you some small cuts in your skin, there is some special grease to protects these cuts when you are in floating pod.  Always use ear plugs (provided by us). Please float in your back and after floating use the shower to flush salt of your skin. 

In floating pod you can leave the lid open or close it or even leave it some opened position.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled floating time, we make sure that instructiosn are clear.

When not to float:

      • You are in your periods
      • You have recently dyed hair (hair color may end up to salt water)
      • Strong psychic illness
      • Non balanced epilepsy
      • Balance or stability issues (Menier illness)
      • Heart illness or symptons

If needed, please consult medical professional or please ask from us before entering to floating pod.

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Relaxing Treatments

Hot Stone Massage

In Hot Stone Massage is used different sized small basalt-stones. Stones are heated in warm water (55-60 celsius). Stonetherapy has been part of eastern medicine over 5000 years. In Finland we have been Hot Stone Massge in several years.

What happens in Hot Stone Massage:
Heat of the stones easy the pain of the muscles, relaxing the muscles, making the connective tissue more elastic, making metabolisim to flow and makes also your blood circulation to flow.  The massage relaxes ja balances our neural network. This massage is painless and feels soft, but still it is also affecting our deep tissued more effictilly than manual/ traditional massage. With Hot Stones the massage goes even 3 centimeters deep. This massage makes your whole body relaxed and also your mind is more relaxed. The minerals of the stones heals also your skin.
Our normal price is starting on 69€. Please check our offers on our booking system!

Indian Head Massage

In Indian Head massage goes to your head area,  under your hair. Massage goes also on your face area, ears, shoulders and neck area. The massage is chain of massage movements, where you massage effectivily but gently without pain. 

This relaxin treatment gived you relaxed feeling. In this treatment your position is seated in chair. There is no oils used in this treatment.

Indian Massage relexes the head and shoulder area. It makes you feeling calm and peaceful. This massage makes your hair and scalp wellfared and it has also help if you have sleeping troubles.

Our normal price is starting at 49€

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Neurosonic – Divan

Finnish innovation Neurosonic-tecnology is based in vibration. Vibration makes programmed effects to you neural system. Vibration freqvency is planned to wake up our natural neural system to react  and free our neural stress.  Neurosonic is planned to free our lost way to release our neural stress.

Neurosonic can make you feel more relaxed, it can help you recover from the exercise or it can make your freshed up if you feel tired.

This treatment is very comfortable, you may even get snooze while using it. It is painless and we use very mild treatment levels for first timers.

This treatment is not available if you are  pregnant. This is not stuidied yet.

Wellness Packages

Wedding Day / Anniversary

      • Floating in same floating pod
      • Private VIP-Room after the floating
      • Ice tea / drink after floating
      • Face masks
Prices starting at 139€

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